Monday, November 30, 2009

Larimeloom shrug giveaway

Larimeloom is giving away a beautiful reddish colored shrug  on the blog mint - green with envy
here is the link -

shop -
Ends  Dec. 13th at midnight  . Good Luck !

I Heart Cosmetics Holiday giveaway

here is the link ---

fabulous prizes going to one winner 

end dec. 3rd which is soooon so hurry !!!

giveaway on olivebite's blog

there's a giveaway of some cool arm-warmers made by Afra on olivebite's blog .

shop -

ends on dec. 6th 

giveaway from dorianneagostini on factorygirlashli's blog

hi there is a gift certificate being given away by :

and the link for this fun giveaway is right here :

Ends Dec. 5th

Sunday, November 29, 2009

sew i do birthday giveaway !

Sew I do is having a b-day giveaway so go and check it out at -

Ends on Dec. 6th so you have about a week !

Eki Love giveaway !

Eki Love is giving away a large pack of goodies to one of her followers that win .
Here is the link -

Ends dec.  16th  :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

get lucky designs giveaway

get lucky designs from etsy will be giving away a pack of prizes to one winner . Here is the pic -

Ends Nov. 30th and winner will be chosen Dec. 3rd :) Good Luck !

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wild Woman Giveaway

Wild Woman will be giving away a pretty pair Ruby Holiday Lantern earrings to one winner .

link :

shop :

Ends Dec. 7th

Rik Rak Huge Christmas Giveaway -

Rik Rak is having a gigantic giveaway here -

Will be Ending Dec 3rd and there will only be 1 winner but tons of prizes for who ever might win !
Good Luck 

Sterling Roses Giveaway ~

Sterling Roses is having a giveaway , check it out -

the shop -

Ends Dec. 1st !  

Agony's Decay from Etsy

 Hi everyone ,
Tonight I will be doing a post about a very exciting and friendly lady named Jenny who owns Agony's
Decay on Etsy . About a week or so ago I won a gift certificate from - .
Jenny really surprised because she was so helpful and patient in helping me pick out some items from her shop . She has such a range of jewelry , hair accessories , soaps , and cute gift ideas .

I picked cute earrings that are going to be changed from bats to seahorses -

 and a seahorse pendant below -

Here are some other things I loved from her shop : Rings

Here are some more items I like :

The great thing about this shop is that Jenny is extremely helpful and on the description of each item it's very detailed . For example : If you have sensitive ears and you want to buy some earrings she is honest in stating it might be suitable for people with sensitive ears .
I really appreciated the sincere and friendly way she helped in choosing the giveaway I won .

Make sure to take a peek and her store and I hope you will have the same experience I enjoyed .
Thank you !

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tinahdee Giveaway

Tinahdee is having a sterling silver jewelry giveaway . Check it out here -

Ends Thanksgiving Night nov. 25th  ... hurry if you want to join !

Button Earring Giveaway from Little Gems by Kari

Ends nov.28 in 4 days !

Sketch Customs Giveaway :)

Sketch Customs on etsy will be giving away a hand made custom t-shirt called " Heavy " -
You must check it out and check out their great deals in their shops too !

link :

Ends Nov. 30th

Sunday, November 22, 2009

new make-up giveaways quick list






that's it for now , i will be adding more and be sure to check the end dates of these giveaways  :)

The House of Mouse Giveaway !

Enter the House of Mouse giveaway -

Each Month The House of Mouse on etsy will be giveaway away a mouse each month -

Ends Nov. 30th

Shazzabeth Creations Giveaway !

Shazzabeth Creations is having a 40 dollar voucher giveaway from the shop on etsy -

Here is the link to the giveaway :

Ends Dec. 1st 

The Adelle blog Giveaway !

Hey everyone ,

Adelle is having a pair of earrings for giveaway on her blog -

Ends Dec. 12th 

 here is also her shop on etsy -

Small Note about my blog -

I would love if any of you have time just to share my blog with your friends so there can be more entries for these giveaways .
In this way , it's also exciting when there's more people to join in on the fun !

Thanks a bunch , va :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bird in Flight Boutique Giveaway !

Simply Stacie's blog is having a giveaway with Bird in Flight Boutique on etsy .
They are giving away a beautiful necklace and earring set .

Ends on Nov. 27th which will be coming soon ...

BurningMoon Giveaway !

Hey everyone ,
BurningMoon is having a huge Christmas giveaway and this is definitely something someone
would enjoy participating in ..

Ends Dec .13th

Friday, November 20, 2009

mint with green envy Giveaway !

Hey everyone ,
check out this giveaway I found from Aik's blog -

Here is the link and if you love necklaces then you will love this one ...

Thank you !

The Dainty Squid Giveaway !

The Dainty Squid is having a huge giveaway of 2 winners . Check out her giveaway at this above link .
It ends Nov. 21st which is very soon !

Shop N'Chop Giveaway !

Shop N' Chop is having a holiday giveaway ! Don't miss out on this fun opportuinity and make sure to spread the love and tell your friends . For all the Tsumori Chisato fans out there ; you will love this .

Ends Christmas Day Dec. 25th , 09 at 12 am

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giveaway from Two Thousand Things blog

Hi everyone ,
there is a new giveaway from Two Thousand Things blog about Erzulie Cosmetics from etsy :

It ends on December 1st so if you want some new all natural and healthy cosmetics check it out !!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quote from :

There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open
- Jawaharlal Nehru  
This is kinda a quote of the day type pf thing but not sure if I will be doing it everyday , lol .
If you have any quotes you'd like to share on this post plzs feel free and stop by anytime ! :D


Check out :
always for constant worldwide giveaways
because the site is updated everyday !!

Thank you and don't forget to tell your friends about my blog
so they can also share and join in on these fun giveaways .... :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Little Owl Giveaway ! :)

The above link is the giveaway from The Little Owl from  etsy and it ends on Sat. Nov. 28th ...
Thank you !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sew Artsy Giveaway !

Enter for the giveaway at Sew Arty's blog for the 12 weeks of Christmas .
Ends on 11/14/09 on this upcoming Saturday ...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Streetnoodles Giveaway !

Made in Canarias is having her birthday soon so she has decided to having a list of giveaways .
Streetnoodle's shop on etsy will be giving away 2 pairs of earrings to 2 winners !
Take a look at the link provided below :

giveaway ends on Nov. 28th on a Saturday !! 

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Melt'm Design Giveaway !

Melt'm Design is giving away a $ 40 gift certificate from their shop !
This is a world-wide giveaway so anyone can enter and all you have to do is follow
some simple steps they have on their blog ..

giveaway ends Nov. 30th on a Monday at Midnight

Good Luck !

Saturday, November 7, 2009

House of Jam giveaway from Lotus Palace


There is a Worldwide giveaway open to followers of Lotus Palace blog !!!

Plz check it out and spread the word -


* Urban Knit Giveaway Ends this Nov. 13th ! *

Urbanknit from etsy is giveaway away a beautiful teal colored cowl in xl .
Anyone can enter and you can enter as many times as possible !

Check it out  ----

Pass this news on to as any people as you can ! Thanks :) 

rocknwrap from etsy has a giveaway that is open to everyone !

Rocknwrap is having a giveaway and the winner gets to choose earrings of their choice !

Check out her giveaway -- and Good Luck to those who enter :) Ends Nov. 18th
This blog also has giveaways, reviews , recipes and you just have to ask if they are worldwide :

I am new to blogging so feel free to suggest anything at all !

Thank you , A.

International Giveaways List

Here is a list I have made from my blog subscriptions :







Plz enter the 6th one before this Monday to be able to enter the giveaway from Papercakes and Mariska's etsy shop

7. Made in Canarias has lots of giveaways since her birthday is coming up and all the giveaways are listed on the left hand side of her blog :) -

8 .





NOTE : I am just posting these giveaways from my blog subscriptions , if at anytime you would like to contact me about anything that I have posted do let me know . I do not know or claim anything from these posts ; I just want to share this info. I am also new to this so if  I have done anything wrong or violated any blog rules feel free to let me know .

 Thank you !